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10 Free Things To Do At Walt Disney World

January 3, 2020
Visiting Disney World but trying to save the pennies? Whether you are at the Disney parks or hanging about the Disney World resort hotels, here's 10 things that are free at Disney World. #Disneyworld #disneyparks #disneyworldtips #disneytravel #disneyworldforbeginners
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Whilst we all know that *Walt Disney World is a truly magical place, it isn’t a place that’s exactly low on cost. As Rumple might say “all magic comes at a price deary” but it’s still nice to know about the little freebies Disney World has to offer right?

This magical world has a lot to offer and if you fancy leaving your purse at home, here’s some things you can tick off your list.

Resort Hopping

On a day I need to take a break from the Disney Parks, there’s nothing I love more than taking a stroll around the different Disney Resort hotels. From Value resorts all the way up to Deluxe, I could wander around all of them and I often have.

Each Disney hotel has something different to offer from theme and food to shopping and experiences. Fancy taking some photos with Lightning McQueen? Head over to Art of Animation. Or if you’d rather a sandy beach type of vibe… perhaps the Polynesian. Either way, you’d undoubtedly have a great time.

One of my personal faves happens to be *Disney’s Boardwalk where you will not only find yourself surrounded by beautiful views but also live entertainment and dining areas. May I suggest a trip to Ample Hills Creamery (you know, when you actually fancy spending some $)? Those ice cream flavours never disappoint!

So next time you are getting a little restless around your hotel pool, hop on a bus, boat, monorail (whatever you fancy) and start exploring… especially if you are already planning your next WDW trip. I don’t blame you.

Disney Transport

Even if you aren’t planning on exploring the hotels, why not just go for a ride?

As I’ve mentioned before Disney World transport is like no other and there’s so many options to get from A to B. But there’s just no denying that hopping on a monorail can be a whole ride of it’s own and let’s be honest, the Skyliner can be a great way to take in all the magical views.

Love a boat trip? You can do that too from various hotels like Port Orleans or even from the parks for a little much-needed down time.

Visit Disney Springs

Sure, we all love spending money and enjoying a shopping spree, especially when on holiday but you don’t need the cash to enjoy a trip to Disney Springs. Disney often have live entertainment on the walkways at night and depending on the time of year, you may find yourself enjoying some festive activities.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping and you can even grab a free chocolate from Ghirardelli while you do it. Chocolate? I’m there!

Watch a Movie Under The Stars

Something I absolutely adore about Disney World hotels is the entertainment that you didn’t even think about when planning. For example, did you know that you can catch a Disney film whilst taking an evening dip in the pool? You may even find a movie by a campfire when staying at Fort Wilderness (and maybe a sing-along too).

Find a new fireworks spot

Of course there’s nothing like a view of the Happily Ever fireworks from in front of Cinderella Castle, but sometimes that crowd is just a bit too much to tackle after a long day at the parks.

Well how about a stroll around the Polynesian and camping out on the beach for a laid back viewing of the fireworks. If it’s not on your bucket list, it should be.

Visit the animals

Animal Kingdom Lodge is not only a beautiful hotel but also home to some incredible animals like giraffes and zebras. Guests staying at the hotel may even be lucky enough to have a balcony view of these beauties, but if you aren’t staying at the lodge, don’t worry.

Guests from around WDW are welcome to come and explore the grounds and grab a guide to visit the animals. You can even find some activities to keep the kids entertained (if you decide to bring them).

Hunt for hidden Mickeys

You might be thinking, “Holly what on earth are hidden Mickeys?” Well, putting it simply, Disney have created hidden Mickey Mouse shapes and symbols all over the Disney property including the parks, rides and hotels. They can be right in front of your nose and you may not even notice, but it can be a fun way to pass the time and explore.


One of my favourites is the hidden mickey made out of plates in the ballroom scene of The Haunted Mansion and there’s a “hidden Donald” on a chair in one of the hallways if you really fancy hunting around. But again being in the parks cost money and that’s not what we are talking about so let’s get back on track shall we?

Head back over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and look around for some Mickeys hiding around the hotel. You can even pick up a checklist from the lobby (but don’t quote me on it, it may cost a small fee if you want to hunt for a prize).

Get some extra pixie dust

If you have invested in a park ticket and are enjoying some time at the Magic Kingdom, head into the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street and ask for some pixie dust. (If you hate glitter, be warned this is NOT for you. Trust me).

You will leave the shop with some extra magic and a LOT of glitter to pick out of your hair later on.

Hop on the Magical Express

Did you know you could hop aboard a Disney bus before even reaching your Disney hotel? Disney offer a free ride to and from the Disney World resort when arriving at Orlando airport and all for free. You can even send your luggage straight to the resort so you can save time.

All you have to do is book.

Go on a photo spree

No I’m not talking about a quick selfie here and there, although I wouldn’t blame you, but take the time to visit the Disney Photopass spots and ask a cast member to use your phone. Now you can have a magical shot of the whole family and not have to pay for the Memory Maker.

Who said making memories has to break the bank?

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