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What To Pack In Your Disney Parks Bag

December 13, 2019
Ready for your next Disney parks adventure but have no clue what to pack into your Disney park bag? I've got you covered. #disneyworld #disneyland #disneyparks #disneyvacation #disneyplanning #disneybag #disneybackpack #disneytips #packingfordisney

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Packing for a Disney trip is hands down one of my favourite things to do. Call me crazy but when that Disney countdown has finally reached single figures, I go into overdrive making lists about what needs to go into my suitcase, hand luggage and of course, my *Disney park bag.

I just love it!

What bag is best?

Choosing the right park bag is a different experience for every individual Mouseketeer. For instance, Jase tends to pick a big rucksack that’s practically perfect in every way.

He likes comfort for those long days in the parks and something that’s usually waterproof when the rain decides to make an appearance.

Me on the other hand, I think cute, Disney and Instagram-worthy. Yes I’m that gal and I know you are too, so here’s a few faves to add to your wishlist.

Now that we have found the perfect bag of our Disney dreams… let’s get on with it shall we?

What to pack

Liquids – Now I’m not talking about your water bottles and resort cups here (although I do suggest bringing them too if you have the space) I’m talking about those little bottles that will really help you out like sunscreen, deodorant, hand sanitizer (Bath and Bodyworks is calling am I right?) and some wipes. We all know that Disney snacks can look great for the gram but taking that perfect photo can leave you in a sticky mess.

Medication – Whether you need to keep personal medication on you or you just happen to get a headache, bringing medication into the parks can be a real time-saver. No body wants to go back to the hotel for the sake of a sniffly nose. Sorry Sneezy!

Sun Protection – Now we’ve already packed the sunscreen because ya know… no body likes to look like Sebastian after an hour in the Disney parks, but it’s probably handy to bring a hat and some sunglasses too for maximum style-points.

Plasters/Bandaids – Bad shoe choices will be your biggest regret if you don’t have one of these bad boys to save your ankles. You know exactly what I’m talking about right? Plus, if you or a family member are a little accident prone, no doubt these will come in handy.

Hair Brush and Bands – Much like you, I’ve left the hotel with freshly washed hair knowing that the Florida heat will soon dry it, but for the days your hair just isn’t Rapunzel-worthy I suggest bring some backup to help tame the frizz. Plus a hairbrush is your best friend after a water ride.

Bug Repellent – Fantasmic… If you know, you know. Bugs do tend to fly around when you are trying to enjoy a good show by the water and bug spray will be a hero in these situations.

Hand Fan – Because it gets hot if you are in the Florida or California heat. No one wants to feel like they are cuddling up to Hades while waiting in line for ride.

Wallet and Phone – Essentials right?

Magic Band – Whilst the majority of us keep our Magic Bands on our wrist, it’s not for everyone so make sure you pack it into your Disney park bag (somewhere that’s in easy reach). Or you may just be carrying a spare.

Camera, SD Cards and Batteries – You don’t want to miss that perfect shot when surrounded by all the magic. Camera at the ready!

Spare Clothes – Anyone else hit Kali River Rapids first thing and regretted it immediately? If you are unlucky enough to get that full water impact… no amount of sunshine is going to dry you out. Avoid ruining the rest of your park day and bring spare clothes (or just do the water ride last).

Raincoat/Poncho – For basically the same reason and for that lovely hour of soaking rain. A Disney poncho is a blessing.

Autograph Book and PenBig and little kids love collecting autographs from their favourite Disney characters, so make sure it’s in easy reach and bring spare pens for when one decides to stop working. Helpful tip… the bigger the pen, the easier it is for characters to use.

Pins – If you are a big fan of pin trading, bring a bag of spare pins to avoid missing out on a rare find.

Ziploc bagsSlimey yet satisfying Strange yet very handy. These bags can be great for storing snacks, packing away wet clothes and many other little tricks. Going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? You will definitely want these when collecting all those cookies. Did you know, you can pick some up at Splash Mountain?

Reusable Straws – We all know about the straw stress… just bring your own.

Makeup Essentials – Girl you know what I’m talking about. We all need a top up in the Florida heat because that T-zone (not Frozone) is suffering and your Insta is calling!

Minnie ears – We all knew I wasn’t guna miss this one right?! There’s a set of Minnie ears for every occasion so make sure you pack them.

Flip Flops – Your feet will thank you later in the day.

Portable Phone Charger/Fuel Rod – Be prepared for your phone to die if you don’t have a charger. Between taking photos, videos, making Fastpasses and the My Disney Experience app… a lot of juice will be disappearing.

Now lets get packing!

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