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Unleash Your Inner Villain With Badgal Bang

December 9, 2019
Looking for a mascara with a bit of drama. It's time to unleash your inner villain with Badgal Bang. #benefit #makeup #mascara #lashes #makeupreviews #beauty #badgalbang #disneymakeup

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Who’s the fairest mascara of them all? Could it be *Benefit’s Badgal Bang? I think so.

Now I know what you are thinking, Badgal Bang has been out of the caldron for a while now, so why am I only just talking about it now? Well, I was under that dreaded curse of lack of money (you know it too right?) and I just hadn’t had the chance to give this bad girl a go.

Thankfully curse or no curse, Benefit have a great range of minis at a more heroic price and Badgal happens to be one of them. I grabbed the seductively dark mascara and took it back the dungeon ready to see what the magic mirror had to say. Spoiler alert.. it yelled back “girl where has this been all your life?”

Wouldn’t that be a whole new vibe to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?!

So, there’s no denying that I love a high-end mascara. That’s not to say there hasn’t been the odd high-street product that I haven’t enjoyed too, but I crave the power of a black, voluminous mascara. Something that gives some drama and creates a curl. Don’t we all?

A mascara that packs a bit of Hades heat if you know what I mean?

Benefit Badgal bang

Thankfully Badgal Bang is the perfect concoction of deliciously evil and pure villainous drama, ideal for those who try all sorts of potions for longer, thicker lashes. Let’s face it, you never see an evil queen without some big lashes right? Well, now we know why.

Do you think Yzma had time to faff around with some falsies before hunting down a llama or Cruella happily sat and applied layers and layers of black sludge in the hopes that her lashes would look a little lifted? No way! They just swiped a little Badgal Bang on and got on with their disastrous plans.

It’s no wonder those bad girls were hooked. And if you are thinking a particular sea witch is feeling left out, think again because Badgal Bang is water-resistant so there’s no worries about black streams under your eyes when a hero comes along and ruins your plans.

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