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Tangled Up With tarte : Rainforest Of the Sea

December 2, 2019
Leave your tower and head over to the Tarte stand because you are going to want to try Tarte's Rainforest Of The Sea range. #rapunzel #disneymakeup #tarte #makeup #foundation #concealer #rainforestofthesea
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Way back in November I left my tower and spent my honeymoon in of course the most magical of places, Disney World. But my excitement didn’t just come from the amazing hotel, awesome character meets, Disney snacks or even the rides, but also from my freedom to shop. And shop I did!

Copious amounts of Sephora trips left me feeling like a wannabe beauty guru and it felt great! I had satchels of hyped products, products I had never heard of and products I had wanted for so long.

Two of those products were the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation and concealer. Both more beautiful than I had imagined with their Rapunzel-purple tops and frosted glass effect. All those days watching from the windows had finally lead to this moment and I was far too excited about my purchase.

Now there’s not a soul in the kingdom who hasn’t heard of the incredible Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but I hadn’t had a chance to explore this trusty sidekick for myself which meant the Rainforest of the Sea range was my first introduction to the Tarte brand.

Rainforest of the Sea water foundation

Those who know me well know that drop foundations haven’t always been my go-to. I have found them a little messy in the past with lack of coverage but a blonde, long-haired princess once said you should venture outside of your comfort zone, so that I did.. hoping the rewards really were worth it.

The drop applicator is unlike anything I have used before due to it’s “click to release” application, but this proved to be an appreciated element. Of course it’s a little watery (as expected) so a quick blend is the way to go.. no biggie!

After a couple of coats this lost princess was feeling the flower, gleam and glow effects and my goodness did I feel good!

The foundation coverage is a comfortable medium with a flawless yet natural finish. And that flower, gleam and glow I just mentioned? I meant it! There’s a beautiful radiance to the weightless formula and I love it.

So not only am I a big fan of the longevity, natural finish and even the stunning royal-worthy packaging (yes I do judge the bottle by the cover at times) but I also really enjoy the SPF 15 element. A little less to worry about on a hot day outside of the tower. Wouldn’t you agree?

Rainforest of the Sea concealer

It’s a rare occasion when I get to treat myself to not just the foundation but the concealer as well, but hey I was on holiday and this girl had a dream!

The *Rainforest of the Sea Concealer is equally as beautiful in packaging but knowing that Shape Tape had a lot of the fame, I was intrigued to see if this concealer would earn the same respect (I can now confirm it does).

After a long night at the lantern festival or a few too many drinks at The Snuggly Duckling you need a concealer that doesn’t let you down. Sure you still have to wake up at 7am for the usual morning lineup, but you still don’t want anyone to see those bags.

Thankfully a swipe of this concealer and.. at last you see the light, no dark circles here. See what I did there?

The applicator of this concealer happens to be one of my favourites due to it’s perfectly sized doefoot. It glides product on beautifully without needing to keep dipping in the pot for more.

The coverage also makes for the perfect companion to the foundation and will easily cover imperfections, which means there’s no more wondering and wondering and wondering and wondering.. how to cover a spot. I just can’t help myself!

So if you were thinking of a new foundation to add to your collection that makes you feel your most confident self, perhaps this will be it. And who knows, a little touch of these magical products and you could have the best day ever.

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