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Beauty And The Blush : A Fairy tale Makeup product?

November 25, 2019
Is a rose shaped blush just too good to be true? Or could this blush be a thing of beauty? #blush #makeup #makeupforbeginners #makeuptips #milani #disneymakeup #beautyandthebeast
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Long ago a beautiful girl found herself locked in a castle with nothing to do but explore. She wandered into the West Wing, an area she knew was forbidden. There she found something beautiful and protected, the stunning Milani powder blush.

And there you was thinking it was the Enchanted Rose the Beast had locked away. Who knew?!

So it’s pretty clear why *this beautiful blush is fit for any Beauty and the Beast fan but it’s so much more than just a rose shaped product.

I picked this product up a few months ago not really knowing anything about the brand or whether the Milani products were worth exploring. This blush caught my eye and into the basket it went.

I didn’t look at it again until I got back to the UK and this was my first mistake. Had I have dipped into this during my time in Florida I would’ve picked up another. Heck I would’ve grabbed a handful.

Thankfully I have been slowly growing my collection since Boots decided to start selling the Milani brand. Thank you Boots!

This blush restored my love for rosey tinted cheeks and I wish I knew about these sooner. If you hadn’t guessed already, I have used this on every “full-face” day since and it is pretty impressive.

Your brush only needs the smallest tap to achieve that perfect rosey glow which means this product looks barely touched and will no doubt last a lifetime, or you know at least until the spell breaks.

It’s soft, pigmented and gives off the impression you’ve made a lot more effort than you actually have (with or without foundation). This is a product perfect for any everyday look or a full blown royal gathering.

Shades include:

Romantic Rose – A soft blush pink

Tea Rose – Delicate baby pink

Blossom Time Rose – A pink terracotta

Coral Cove – A pink toned coral

Bella Roses – A cool pink

My personal fave happens to be the Blossom Time Rose, but am I forever wishing for more? Absolutely. This really is the best blush that’s fit for a fairytale.

Ready to create your tale as old as time look?

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